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TezosChina origin from China, is a team of professional bakers supported by developers, entrepreneurs, marketers and investors. Ensuring the baking while continuously building a better community.


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Our Baking Address : tz1WJpSCYdQE9merfftanA8eFsqUPTpwAt8a

How to Delegate

Using Galleon to Delegate Your Tezos

1. Opening the https://galleon-wallet.tech/ , download the version corresponding to your OS, MacOS in my case. There are different versions for Windows and Linux.

2. Once it’s downloaded, open and drag the application to your application folder, you need enable installation of this software by going to: Security & Privacy  → Allow apps downloaded from →Open Anyway 

3. After installation, you could choose the the main language. Chinese in my case. 

4. You could choose “Create New Wallet” or “Open Existing Wallet”

5. You will then set the Password for your wallet. *Notice: You need to set a strong password in order to process to the next. 

6. Click on “Create Wallet File”, which generates a “ .tezwallet” file. *Notice: Store the file carefully, you will need the file every time you restart the wallet. 

7. You will see this window with 15 words. Write them down (careful with spelling and numbering) and keep these words safe. Confirming the seed words. Hit “Create Account”.

8. Fund your wallet, send your Tezzies to your “manager account”. This is your main account, you need to make sure there is some tizzies in the account ensuring it could delegate to the baker. Normally, it will cost 0.2~0.5xtz.  

9. Click “Add a Delegate”.

10. Enter:  tz1WJpSCYdQE9merfftanA8eFsqUPTpwAt8a, the amount you want to delegate, and the password. Then click “Delegate”

11. Wait for a bit, it needs to be included in the Tezos blockchain. Then Enjoy.

Using TezBox to Delegate Your Tezos

1. Log into your Tezos Wallet at wallet.tezbox.com.


2. Press “ADD ACCOUNT”. Create a new "contract" account ID (beginning with prefix 'KT1') from your 'tz' Tezos account.

3. Send your Tezzies to the new KT1 Account.

4. Under "Delegate", select "Custom".

5. Enter: tz1WJpSCYdQE9merfftanA8eFsqUPTpwAt8a.

6. Press "Update Delegate".

7. Now all is set and you will earn Tezos. 

What is Tezos?

Tezos is a distributed consensus platform with meta-consensus capability. Tezos not only comes to consensus about the state of its ledger, like Bitcoin or Ethereum. It also attempts to come to consensus about how the protocol and the nodes should adapt and upgrade.

Why delegate to Tezos China? 

1. We are a professional and premium baking service. 

2. Currently, Tezos China's network is not only within the Tezos community, but also including the top 100 Blockchain projects, DApps, quantitative teams, media, and investment funds.

3. We are a group of top developers, investors, and entrepreneurs. We provide the on-trend information not only within the Tezos community, but also covered most of the blockchain industry.

What else you could access choosing Tezos China?

1. We will provide the discount to all the Tezos China's partnered events and conferences. 

2. We help the early DApps to explore potential market opportunities and edge; Help the project to find high-quality talents, provide entrepreneurship and technical mentoring;

3. We provide media public relations, assisting interview and organize reporting materials, write English public relations draft and industry analysis;

What is our fee?

We charge a 15% fee for our delegation services. 

When rewards are distributed

It takes 7 cycles for the network to do bakings after delegation and another 5 cycles for the network to unfreeze the baked rewards. After the 12 cycles, the reward could be distributed.  




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